KillBiller have launched a new mobile deal search tool for the UK

There's three items that affect peoples choice of mobile phone plan:

  1. Device - what new device am I getting with my plan?
  2. Price - how much do I owe up front, and how much will I pay per month?
  3. Network coverage - Can I make calls and get data at my main locations? Tools like the Ofcom Coverage tool can help with this.

We've launched a new tool to allow people to compare mobile plans and deals quickly and simply from their browser.

Everyone weighs up options with a slightly different focus. At KillBiller, we believe that there's great value in mobile phone plans out there.

You just need to find the right plan to suit your needs!

For over a year now, we've operated the successful KillBiller mobile application in Ireland and theUK. We know what people want when searching for mobile plans.

Today, we are launching a web-based comparison tool for UK users at The new comparison site provides:

  1. A simple view of the mobile market and deals in the UK
  2. Every device on sale in the UK from every network available
  3. Methods to find plans according to your usage patterns
  4. A no nonsense method to buy the deal that you find attractive

We're excited for you to try it out, we've incorporated plans from Talkmobile, Virgin Mobile, EE, Vodafone, GiffGaff, The People's Operator, and O2 to start, with more networks to come in the very near future. There's a large range of 151 different devices included on the site including the Samsung Galaxy S7, the iPhone 6s, and the LG G5.


Beyond devices, understanding your mobile usage patterns is critical to getting the best value. However, this isn't simple. In more recent times, data use on your smartphone is the biggest source of confusion for people, and also the biggest cost in new plans. With the new KillBiller tool, intelligently chosen default settings for call minutes, sms usage, and data consumption have been set to cover the vast majority of users.

For those of you struggling with usage, we'll be providing blog posts and tools to help you figure out exactly what your requirements are.

So please give it a whirl, browse through the different plans and phones, and importantly, let us know what you think in the comments box below.