What's the best Samsung phone?

We've gone through all of the best Samsung phones out there and picked the best ones to suit any person or budget. Which one should you buy? Well read below to find out!

The Connoisseur: Galaxy S7 edge

There is no doubt as to the premium Samsung phone out there. The Galaxy S7 edge represents the best that Samsung have to offer in both functionality and design, but comes with a hefty price-tag to match. 

The Galaxy S7 edge boasts all of the high quality features that you would expect in a premium phone. A vibrant 5.5 inch screen, 12 MP camera and a snappy processor all ensure that this device is suitable for any task you want to throw at it. But it's the design that really gets us. Perhaps the first time that Apple has been hands-down beaten on the design front, the design of the iPhone 6s Plus looks positively dated in comparison! 

The only downside is, naturally, the price. You can expect to spend around £40 a month on a 24 month plan with this phone, but that's the price of perfection! You probably deserve it though...

You would look great with this phone in your hand....

You would look great with this phone in your hand....

The Budget Conscious: Galaxy J5

Don't despair if you don't have the budget to spend on a top-of-the-range phone, the quality of budget phones has increased significantly over the past few years and there are plenty of great options available. Samsung has various models in this category including the Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy J3, but I've plumped for the Samsung Galaxy J5 here. 

The battery life of the J5 rivals that of a flagship phone, and it boasts a 5 inch 1280x720 Super AMOLED display - which means that it is extremely vibrant and clear, significantly better than most of its budget phone rivals. The 13MP camera is also decent quality under most lighting conditions. The failing of this device is the lower-power processor and low amount of memory, not something that will be an issue for day-to-day tasks but may impact high performance game playing.

For around £20 per month, or £120 to buy outright, the Galaxy J5 is hard to beat for value and performance. 

Sometimes quality doesn't come at high cost. 

Sometimes quality doesn't come at high cost. 

The Best Pound for Pound Fighter: Samsung Galaxy S6

Yes, this is a phone that was launched over a year ago, but great phones don't become bad phones overnight and last year's flagship device is this year's bang-for-buck champion. 

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a superb 5.1 inch screen, 16 MP camera and more than enough processing power for even the most intensive tasks. It also boasts a design and finish that oozes quality. While the battery life is not as long as the newer Galaxy S7, it does have a 'fast-charge' capability meaning that you can get up to 4 hours battery life from a 10 minute charge, perfect for those times when you forget to plug it in overnight and are running out the door in the morning!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is available for around £30 per month, but expect to pay around £350 to buy it outright. 

The Galaxy S6 is, like, sooooo 2015. Don't let that turn you off though!

The Galaxy S6 is, like, sooooo 2015. Don't let that turn you off though!


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