Phone Hacks: Phone tips and Tricks to MAXIMIZE your mobile phone

Here are some basic and not so basic ways Killbiller can help you maximize how you use your phone. 

1. Dry your phone

If your phone gets wet put it in uncooked rice or silica beads for up to 24 hours. The rice and Silica beads will suck out the moisture. 

2. Protect your phone around water and sand 

If you know you are going to be around water or sand, like on a beach, place your phone in a sandwich bag to keep it safe. In most cases you can still use the touch screen through the phone. 

3. Increase your phones speaker volume 

Place your phone in a bowl or glass to amplify the volume of the speakers.

4. DIY phone stand  

Why buy a phone stand when you can easily make yourself one for free? You can use anything from binder clips, paper clips, cassette tape cases, sunglasses, to even used gift cards to make a phone stand. 

5. Protect and personalize your charger.  

Dismantle an old pen and take the spring out of it. Put the spring around your charger's chord near the head of it so it won't tear as easily. You can even put shrink wrap or electrical tape around your charger to personalize it while adding another layer of protection.

6. Keep your chargers on your desk 

Never lose chords behind your desk again. You can use an array of objects to hold your chords in place like, magnets, binder clips, Velcro, lego guys, to even just a hole punched plastic card. 

7. Customize your charger

Customize your charger so it's less likely to get mistaken and easier to see. You can use, rubber bands, finger nail polish, stick on gems, stickers, duck tape, decorative tape, or even glow in the dark paint! 

8. DIY phone mount in the car

 Wrap a rubber band through your cars AC vent and use it as a hands free phone holder to look at while you drive. 

Phone car mount.jpg

9. Emergency storage

Store emergency cash, cards, and phone numbers in your phone's case. 

10. Access your computer from anywhere

If you want to control your computer from your smartphone or need a to send a file from it, download and use TeamViewer to control and access your computer from your smartphone anywhere.


iPhone / Android

11. Polish your phones screen and remove scratches

Rub a little bit of toothpaste onto your phone's screen and wipe it off with a damp cloth to remove scratches. Be cautious not to get any moisture in the holes of the phone, such as the ear speaker. For precaution tape off any holes where moisture could get into your phone. 

12. DIY phone tripod.

Use a tall water-bottle as tripod for your phone by wrapping around a rubber band around the water bottle and looping your phone through it. 

13. DIY workout phone holder

 Cut up a sock and use it as an armband to workout with. 

14. Prevent your screen from breaking

Going on a rough adventure? Put your phone case on backwards so the screen is protected rather than the back. 

15. Prevent desks from scratching your phone

Use a rubber band as a cushion for your phone when you set it down on a table to avoid scratching the back plate.

16. DIY phone holder

Don't have a place to set down your phone when it charges or want to get rid of all the chords? Use a shampoo bottle so you can hang it over an outlet to store your phone in while it charges.

17. Never have tangled earphones again

Cut up an old plastic card to wrap up your headphones in so they won’t get tangled.

18. Save huge on your mobile bill

Download KillBiller- KillBiller is a free app that examines your mobile phone usage and tells you exactly how much you would pay on every mobile phone plan in The United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada