The Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 in the uk

At KillBiller, we're all about helping people save on their mobile bills. We've looked at every deal in the UK, and this article is dedicated to show you how to own a Samsung Galaxy S7 for the cheapest price possible. 

New Features in the Samsung Galaxy S7

The camera on the S7 is perhaps the most advanced smartphone camera available right now. A  dual pixel sensor allows users to take high quality pictures in the dark. This camera can focus as quickly and accurately as a human eye can. Its Autofocus allows users to capture the most sudden movements even in low light. "Spotlight" focus has a "Beauty Mode" that will highlight parts of your face and make your features stand out. The "Wide Selfie" feature that can capture 120˚ so no one is left out in a large group selfie. Lastly, its panoramic pictures can capture motion! 

 New and Improved Hardware - Up to 30 percent faster CPU and 64% faster GPU, than the previous model. An increase from 3GB of RAM to 4GB. A Micro SD slot allows you to extend storage capacity. So if you run out of storage just add more by putting in an SD card.  

Water and Dust Resistance - Samsung claims that the S7 can be submerged in 1.5 liters of water for up to 30 minutes and still work. 

Advanced Gaming - The S7 has significantly less lag on higher graphic games and apps along with a longer lasting battery. A new Control Center lets you have all your games in one place and allows users to mute, hide alerts, and adjust game settings to save power. New gaming tools gives users the power to record and screen shot gameplay.  


Whats the cheapest way to get a Samsung Galaxy S7?

For the purpose of this article we compared the costs of owning a Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB on all of the major UK network carriers; EE, Giffgaff, 02, Three, TPO, Virgin Mobile, and Vodaphone, on billpay, monthly pay, and prepay plans

Option 1: Prepay or 30-Day Contracts

This option includes buying the phone up front, but overall, leads to dramatic savings over the course of the contract.

It may be hard to pay for an S7 all at once, but if you can afford it we highly recommend it. Buying your phone all upfront could save you a few hundred pounds in the long run. Usually, when mobile companies sell a phone through a billpay contract, they charge less upfront but the overall "cost of ownership" is stacked against you.

If you decide to get a prepay plan from one of the list below, we recommend purchasing an S7 from a legitimate third party such as Amazon for the cheapest price of £494.74 or Samsung £549. 

Cheapest Prepay Plans To Suit Your Data Requirements

Data is driving people's usage the most now. With average use at approximately 5GB per month, and a huge number of plans including unlimited minutes - data for your S7 will be the biggest decider for your mobile decision.

Take a look at the table below, and pick out your data requirements for the best deal. Try out this data calculator from Three if you dont know how much data you use!

Network Plan type Monthly Cost Phone Cost (from Amazon) Gb Monthy Allowance Total Cost Per GB 24-month Cost Link
Virgin Mobile Prepay £8 £494.74 1GB 28.61 £687
Virgin Mobile Prepay £10 £494.74 2GB 15.31 £735
Virgin Mobile Prepay £13 £494.74 3GB 11.20 £807
TPO Prepay £15 £494.74 4GB 8.90 £855
Virgin Mobile Prepay £15 £494.74 5GB 7.12 £855
GiffGaff Prepay £18 £494.74 6GB 6.44 £927
Three Prepay £20 £494.74 12GB 3.38 £975

Option 2- Bill Pay 

With Bill Pay plans you pay a lower amount upfront for your device, but in the long run, your overall cost may be higher.

Most of the contracts in the UK are 24-month contracts - remember that your data usage will increase over the next two years - so budget high. While average use in the UK is now 5GB per month, we'd expect average GB usage to increase over the next two years to 11GB. 

Cheapest Bill Pay Plans To Suit Your Data Usage

Network Plan type Monthly Cost Phone Cost Gb Monthy Allowance Total Cost Per GB 24-month Cost Link
Virgin Mobile BillPay £34 £0 1GB 34.00 £816
Virgin Mobile BillPay £36 £0 2GB 18.00 £864
Virgin Mobile Billpay £39 £0 3GB 13.00 £936
Virgin Mobile BillPay £41 £0 5GB 8.20 £984
Three BillPay £44 £29 12GB 3.77 £1,085
Three BillPay £50 £29 30GB 1.71 £1,229

The Top KillBiller Picks

According to the numbers, the average mobile user consumes 5GB of data per month in the UK!

From our point of view, the plans below are the best value from each type of plan: Prepay and Bill Pay. These plans will cover the vast majority of mobile users, and include ample data allowances to keep you going into the future.  

Network Plan type Monthly Cost Phone Cost Gb Monthy Allowance Total Cost Per GB 24-month Cost Link
Three Prepay £20 £494.74 12GB 3.38 £975
Three BillPay £44 £29 12GB 3.77 £1,085

More plans?

If you'd like to see for yourself our complete chart of iPhone 6S phone plan comparisons, have a look at the link below. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone Plans

Still having a hard time deciding?

If you're having a hard time deciding which of these plans suites you best, don't worry we have you covered. Download our app, KillBiller. It detects how much GB, minutes, and text you use and automatically suggests the best and cheapest phone plan based on your usage.