How do you compare the 22 mobile plans from ee uk?

Choosing a mobile plan is always difficult. It's a complex decision that should depend mainly on three things:

  1. Do you want a new phone and can you pay for it up front?
  2. How do you use your phone? How many minutes and how many GB data do you need?
  3. How much to you want to spend?

Today, we're looking at the offerings from EE UK. In total, there's 22 different plan options that can be purchased. These vary around payment type (prepay/billpay), contract duration, and allowances.

EE is Britains largest mobile operator, with almost 28 million customers and with 3G coverage reaching 98% of the population.

If you are looking at prepay plans, there's 2 "Data packs", 2 "Talk and Text packs", and 4 "Everything Packs", a total of 8 plans.

Across billpay there are 6 "30-day SIM-only" plans and 8 "12-month contract" plans that come with phones. To make matters even more confusing, the monthly price of the contracts change depending on the phone you purchase. 

Theres 8 prepay, and 14 billpay tariff options from EE UK

You can see the allowances in the tables below. In general, texts are free and unlimited on EE's plans, and once you're paying more than £20 calls are typically included aswell.

EE UK Prepay Plans


Out of the prepay plans on offer, if you have a smartphone, you'll want to avoid the "Talk and Text" as data charges aren't included. Our picks are the £15 Data Pack for the relatively-heavy data users who aren't too chatty (250minutes is about average), or for heavier minute users - look at the £20 and £25 Everything Packs.

EE UK Billpay Tariffs

If you're able to go Billpay, you will get better value and more options, especially if you are a heavy data user. EE is relatively unique in that it typically does not let you overuse you're data - once you are over your allowance, you're cut off.

Here's the options.

Our pick from the selections here are the £24.99 4GB 30-day plan, or, if you are able to commit for 12-months, the same plan for £21.99. If you're a heavier data user - you'll need to step up to 6 GB or even 8 GB.

Added extras from EE

There's a few perks to being an EE customer - they flaunt them well on their website. One of our favourites is the rewards of additional data when you stay with EE as a customer. Every 3 months, EE will allow an additional 500mb on your data allowance when you stay with the plans. It's a great way to up your data allowance, and a great way for EE UK to keep their customers!

Along with this, EE shout about being the fastest mobile broadband provider, which is important for your data hungry apps - Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram competing there. With the new features from Whatsapp and Snapchat, you're potentially using even more data.

How do I choose the plan for me?

We're recommending two ways to choose between the EE UK Tariffs. Its hard to compare!

Online Calculator

There's a very handy calculator for data usage on the EE website that allows you to estimate your usage across calls texts and data. Its quite comprehensive, and can be accessed here.


You'll need to work out your call and text usage from your mobile bills, or....

KillBiller the App (obviously enough)

We're glad to say that all of the EE UK plans are included in our mobile application which will automatically and rapidly work out exactly how many minutes and texts you use, and then tell you how much you'd spend on every one of these EE plans - find the best for you now. (Android only for the moment).

Make sure to check the app frequently - EE changes the prices and allowances on these plans almost every month.