Dropping and smashing your phone screen is something that any smartphone owner fears, and there's such a sense of relief when you pick it up and realise that everything is still intact. Getting a case for your phone can sometimes be a bit of an investment, as the best ones are usually a bit pricier. But at KillBiller, we think it's worth it, and can definitely pay off in the long run. So now that you've saved money on your phone bill with KillBiller, you can put the savings to good use and invest in a new phone case. Yet again, we've done the hard work for you and put together a list of the best smartphone cases that are so good they'd withstand the apocalypse. 


Otterbox claim to be the “#1 most trusted brand in smartphone case protection” and we won’t argue with them. Their ‘Defender’ series is one of the most protective cases we’ve come across. Otterbox claim to have carried out rigorous testing (over 24 tests and over 238 hours of testing!) on the cases to ensure maximum protection from any devastating tragedies your phone may encounter. The earphone and charging ports are covered so that no dust or dirt can get in and jeopardise your phone, while also providing an extra sturdy case should something unfortunate happen. With The Otterbox cases come with a built in screen protector too, so your screen is also protected, something a lot of other cases neglect. Offering cases for a wide range of phone models, you should definitely have a look if you’re shopping for a phone case.

Otterbox's 'Defenfer' range starts at £50. Have a look at their site here or find them on Amazon

Otterbox 'Defender' Range

Otterbox 'Defender' Range



Speck are another brand offering excellent precaution against phone damage with their 'military grade protection.' Speck have a number of different types of cases on offer, catering for all types of tastes. Speck cases incorporate a dual layer system, the hard outer layer protects against impact, while the inner layer absorbs shock, protecting your phone. Speck products have also won awards for the superior protection they offer against damage. We particularly like this clear Speck case, which is one of the slimmer cases we came across, where you can show off your phone and ensure its safety at the same time. From approx. £40, Speck are worth your while checking out. Find them on Amazon here.



Case Mate are another brand who have big selection of cases for lots of different smartphones. Whether your’e looking for something stylish or practical, you’ll probably find something at Case Mate. While not as protective as the other cases, they are still ready to protect against any falls or drops you subject your phone to. Again we see some of the dual layer protection that has enhanced protection against against impact and shocks with their ‘Tough Naked’ case. It’s also slim, so it won’t make you feel like you’re carrying around a brick phone from all those years ago.

With prices starting at around £20, Case Mate are one of the cheaper options. Check out their website here & find them on Amazon here, if you're looking for something stylish that also offers great protection.



The name ‘LifeProof’ says it all really. LifeProof cases are waterproof, dirt proof, dust proof and snow proof, protecting your phone from whatever life throws at you. Their cases can even protect your phone while submerged in 2 metres of water for 1 hour ... we’re not sure when this could ever happen, but you know, just in case! Surviving drops from 2 metres, LifeProof cases are one of the more durable cases we’ve found, that let you bring your phone anywhere, from a night out with friends, to skiing in the Alps. 

Prices for LifeProof cases vary depending on your device. Check out their range for yourself here & here on Amazon.



The Survivor range from this tech savvy company, Griffin, is said to withstand a 10-foot (3-meter) drop onto concrete. This phone case is suited to the more adventurous person, it can withstand any harsh conditions the outdoors may throw at it! The cover is fully sealed so will protect your phone from rain, dirt, mud, snow and splashes. So you can be adventurous as you want to be without having to worry about your mobile phone, it’s in very safe hands with the Griffin case!

Prices for the Griffin case start from around £20, depending on the level of protection needed. Check out these great cases for yourself at their site here and on Amazon here.


Let KillBiller save your phone bill, let a good case save your phone.