Nokia Nostalgia, do you miss your 3310 mobile?

We are feeling a bit nostalgic today so we are taking a trip down memory lane and telling you our top 5 Nokia memories!  

1. It’s sheer indestructibility

One of the greatest things about a Nokia phone was no matter how many times you dropped it, it would never break. Unlike an iPhone, you wouldn’t have a mini panic attack when you dropped your Nokia.



2. The battery life (sigh)

Ah, the dream. Remember the days when you didn’t have to charge your phone every night or bring your charger to work/college?! (Apple, we are still waiting…)

3. The “cool” accessories

Remember back in the good ‘ol days when you used to glam up your phone with the funky covers and charms. Also, your cover HAD to reflect your cool style.


4. Snake (A.K.A the best mobile game EVER)


The original app. Remember the amount of hours you would spend glued to your Nokia screen trying to beat your highest score? … & who could forget the panic when the snake sped up! OH NO!


5. Ringtones (The Tunesss)

It is embarrassing to admit, but we would spend the majority our pocket money on ringtones (crazy frog anyone?) Nokia allowed you to be a DJ before it was mainstream. And don’t forget the excitement of upgrading from monophonic ringtones to polyphonic - the height of technology!


Blockia, we miss you!


What are your favourite Nokia memories? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 


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