How does KillBiller work?

It's really very simple for users, and that's the aim of the game.

KillBiller examines how you use your phone, and performs an audit of your calling, texting, and data using behaviours. A complex set of algorithms then works out exactly how much you would spend on every mobile plan available in the market. At the end of the process—you can quickly find out which network suits you best, and what plan you should be on in that network.

It all takes about 30 seconds, don't worry about your usage, just press go / log in.


At KillBiller, we've a small team, and we're trying to make a great product. KillBiller strives to, and will continue to be:


We aim to calculate costs on every plan to a high degree of accuracy. KillBiller works out what networks your most contacted contacts are on to take into account free calling on some networks. We keep our plan definitions up to date, and we are always working on ways to improve the service.


A key part of KillBiller is that we are completely independent of any network. The plan prices that you get from our application are based on maths, and maths alone. We don't get paid to change the order of results, nor is that something we will ever do. 



KillBiller was invented because its really hard for people to work out what their mobile usage is, and there's way too many plans out there to make sense of. KillBiller aims for a seamless and simple method to compare mobile offers, with the minimum of manual entry and fuss.


Platform Differences

The process works differently on iOS and Android. On Android, the application accesses your call, SMS and mobile data logs stored directly on the phone. 

iOS restricts access to this information. Instead, our iPhone app asks for your account login details, and examines your bills online.

Data Extracted

The information examined is the date and duration of calls you've made, date and quantity of text messages you've sent and the amount of mobile data used by you. Private information such as text message content is not used.


Your phone bill is affected by which networks your top contacts are on. This is because calling or texting someone is usually cheaper (or free) if they are on the same network as you. 

KillBiller automatically looks up your top contacts' networks and factors this into the calculations.


Analysis Period

We examine as many months of data as possible. On Android, this is limited by your phone which typically stores 500—1,000 call and SMS records. The iOS network login analyses as many months as your operator provides.

Plan Updates

We endeavour to keep all plan information up to date. However, there may be special offers and legacy plans that not listed publicly on each mobile operator's website that we cannot include in the app.

Current Limitations

  • KillBiller does not account for roaming charges. You can still view your results in most cases—but you may get a warning if your usage is hard to work out!