Frequently Asked Questions

How much does KillBiller cost?

Nothing. The app is free for all users.

How much data does the app take from your phone?

The app takes call, SMS, and data usage logs from your phone. For Android, data usage information is restricted to since the phone was last turned on.

No identifying (names/contact) information is taken along with the call details, and no SMS contents are accessed. We strive to only access the information needed for the billing calculations, hence the only information examined are the dates, times, durations, and numbers contacted. The numbers are required so that we can work out what networks are being contacted, but these are anonymised after being looked up.

No contact information relating to the numbers is accessed.

Do you maintain your user's anonymity?

The only identification that we use to isolate individual users are a unique key that identifies a particular KillBiller installation. We do not have contact names or user names or email addresses (unless provided voluntarily) at this point in time.

Do you keep a record of people's calls, SMS, and online browsing history etc?

We keep a record of the amounts of, and dates of, calls and SMS sent by each user. However, there is nothing to tie a 'user' to a person - we only have information such as: User 5672 used 300 minutes and 200 texts.

No text message content or browsing history is accessed or stored.

During the plan-scoring procedure, we look up the network operators for each users most contacted numbers (a “HLR lookup”). We do keep a record of these results, and reuse them for other users, since a cost is incurred each time we look up this information.

Are you selling on my information to third parties?

No. We never pass on any user information to third parties without their exclusive permission - i.e. when someone requests a call or email about a mobile phone plan.

We do, however perform analysis and statistical work on the entire dataset to discover facts such as "users use more minutes on Christmas Day than on new years day" or "there is a particular Vodafone plan that is best value for 40 % of users". These insights are privy to third parties and the press for KillBiller's promotional efforts.

Will users get pop-ups or SMS ads from mobile companies?

No. We have no pop-up functionality built into the app. We work independently of all mobile companies. We also do not actually record the phone number of individual users.

How can you guarantee you have access to all plans on the market?

We cannot guarantee this. There are special deals and legacy plans that are not listed publicly on each mobile operators website. We endeavour to keep this list comprehensive and up to date. At present, we maintain mobile phone tariff rates for comparison across all major operators.

Will the KillBiller application require a lot of updates?

The KillBiller mobile phone application will not require many updates. As much bill processing as possible is carried out on our servers and this allows us to add/remove/edit mobile plans without pushing updates to users phones. Thankfully it also ensures that the results are calculated for comparing plans as quickly as possible. 

Any changes to the app on peoples phones will be to add new functionality/menus, or fix bugs.