Kill no more bills 

Unfortunately, the KillBiller app is no longer available on the Irish market. 

A new online service to replace KillBiller will be available soon.

Stay tuned and we'll have an update for you very shortly.

Compare every plan quickly

KillBiller does the calculations for you and compares every mobile plan on the market. All of the information required is stored in your records. It’s quick, simple, and clear.


Get personalised results

KillBiller results are completely customised to each user. We take call duration, the number of texts, and the amount of mobile data you use into account when comparing networks and tariffs. KillBiller even works out what networks you call the most.

Switch to the cheapest plan

Find a sweet network deal that is cheaper than your existing plan? Use KillBiller to get porting details for that network and request a callback from an operator. People can save big by finding the best mobile deal.


KillBiller is accurate and easy to use. Tap a few buttons and it will do all the hard work for you.


Simple Results

Plans are ranked in order of average monthly cost based on your usage.


Find your perfect plan by filtering your results by network, contract length, mobile data allowance etc.


Cost Breakdown

See a detailed breakdown of where a plan's cost really comes from.


Switch Plan

Switch to the plan of your choosing through the app.


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What real users have to say about KillBiller!

KillBiller has saved me time and money finding a new plan for me. Thanks guys!
Amy, Google Play
Used this app on a recommendation and couldn't be happier I downloaded it!It took the hassle out deciding what network plan was best value for me and as a non-techy I could understand everything clearly.
Jemma, Apple App Store
Killbiller made me realise I could be on a cheaper plan to suit my usage. I have now switched and saved almost €15 per month!
David, Google Play
An essential tool if you mobile contract is up as it will save you a fortune.
"MC Powerdrill", Apple App Store
Excellent app, was renewing my mobile contract and it saved me a lot of time, money and effort by figuring out the exact cost of my usage across a load of plans and carriers, and recommending the it is free! What’s not to love?
Philip, Google Play
Excellent Great app, got me 50% bill reduction, keep up the good work.
Paul, Google Play