Your mobile phone plan – How can you eliminate the paradox of choice?

Choice is both a gift and a curse. This curse is particularly evident when it comes to selecting a mobile phone plan. No choice is clearly a bad thing – who wants to live in a monopoly where there is a single plan that everybody has to select. However, too much choice can also be a bad thing as it becomes nearly impossible to select the perfect plan.

Barry Schwartz has an excellent TED talk on "The Paradox of Choice". The video below is 19 minutes long, but well worth a watch if you have the time. One of the central points is that having too much choice leads to anxiety as people worry about whether they are choosing the best possible option - something familiar to anybody who has chosen a mobile phone plan recently!


In the Irish mobile market there are upwards of 100 plans to choose from when you consider all available packages and add-ons. Not only are there many plan options, but each of these plans has an array of factors to consider - cost of same network calls, other network calls, landline calls, international calls, cost of same network SMS, other network SMS, landline SMS (yes this is possible!), international SMS, number of bundled calls/sms, cost per MB of data, bundled data, throttled limits and more.

It is clearly very difficult for a person to make a selection of the best mobile phone plan. There are too many options and too many factors, especially when you consider that everybody is different and has different usage profiles.

This is, at its essence, the problem that KillBiller aims to solve. Taking your actual usage history and comparing it against the vast array of options available, we take the guesswork out of selecting a mobile phone plan so you can be confident that you are making the optimal choice.

For example, taking the results that the KillBiller app generates based on my  usage. My cheapest plan will cost me €20.33 per month. The most expensive plan will, believe it or not, cost me €997.35 per month!! Granted the latter is a plan with a per megabyte data charge, and the hefty 1.5 gigabytes of data per month that I use makes up the lion's share of the cost. However even only looking at 4G unlimited data inclusive plans, the most expensive plan would cost me €55 per month. That's a difference of €416 per year when compared to my cheapest available plan!

That's €416 that I saved and spent on a fancy new hat for Billy the KillBiller Bear. Looking good Billy!