Three Mobile increases price of sim-only plans


Three Mobile Ireland has increased the price of their very competitive "Classic Flex Max 350" sim only offer by a startling 25 % this week. The Classic Flex Max plan appeared as the best value plan for almost 55%, and in the top 5 results for 74 % of KillBiller's users in the last few months. Three Ireland has increased the cost of the plan from €20.33 to €25.41 per month, which will significantly change these figures.

The plan includes 350 "Flex pay units" that can be split between calls and texts by users, and unlimited data. In further expected hikes, Three customers will need to pay an additional €4.99 to maintain 4G data connection from July.

The increase will affect all customers currently on the plan, starting from June 2015, and all customers that start on this plan in the coming months. Three Ireland say that the price hike will only affect approximately 1 % of their customer base.

The Classic Flex Max 350 plan appeared in the top 5 results for 74 % of KillBiller’s users

"We can confirm that there have been price increases for some of our services," is the official line. "The increases are essential to ensure continued investment in our network and services so that we can create a state of the art super-fast 4G network to suit our customers’ usage needs."

The price change has attracted considerable interest from Three's Irish customers online, including comments on, Twitter, and Facebook.

There were also increases of €3.80 in Three's Mobile Business Broadband offering effective from 5th May 2015.

Three mobile is Irelands second largest mobile operator
Three mobile is Irelands second largest mobile operator

The price changes come on the back of Three Mobile's recent takeover of O2 Ireland (and their 1.5 million Irish customers) earlier this year, for a total sum of €850 million. Three is now the second largest operator in the country with a market share of 32 % according to Comreg, slightly behind Vodafone's 39 %.

Competition in the space is only set to increase, with The Carphone Warehouse and UPC both launching mobile network services later this year.

KillBiller's database has been updated to reflect the recent price hikes as of 8th May 2015.