Three Ireland delay price hikes for 4G access

Three Mobile have rolled back on the plan to introduce a €5 charge to all of their customers for access to their 4g network.

We've been keeping a close eye on this one - but Three originally had June 2015 as their deadline for adding €5 to every bill in Ireland for 4G mobile data. Just yesterday, the 11th June, Three promised to extend the 18-month "promotional period" and give customers speedy 4g access for no extra cost. 

The extension of the "promotional period" will now cover bills up until 1st July 2016. We'll have to wait and see whether three push up their prices at that point.

There's also good news for the 1.5 million O2 customers that have been switched over to Three - for the first time, they will have access to 4G network coverage for a year for free, subject to coverage and phone capabilities.


Three is Ireland's second largest mobile operator with over 1.5 million customers (35.4 % market share) since the acquisition of O2 Ireland in 2014. They've recently received some negative press over the 25% increase in price for their very competitive "Flex Max 350" plan. From KillBiller's perspective, Three present a very competitive set of plans for Irish consumers, before the price changes, Three's plans appeared as top result for almost 70 % of our users.


The delay of the 4G surcharge is a wise move and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the agenda. The merge of O2 customers has been rocky, with a number of network outages and disgruntled customer reports in recent months. Additionally, increased competition in the Irish market is expected this Summer with both Carphone Warehouse and UPC set to release mobile offerings.

The operator has also pledged to upgrade all of its bill-pay and pre-pay O2 customers to 4G technology in July.

Elaine Carey, chief commercial officer of Three said “Three is known as the network of choice for data users and we are staying true to that by giving our customer base of two million 4G access for free.”

“We’re the only network offering All You Can Eat Data and, with 4G, customers can do even more on their smartphone with faster uploading and downloading speeds.”