KillBiller Win Intertrade Seedcorn Regional Final

KillBiller Win Intertrade Seedcorn Regional Final

It’s been a busy November here at KillBiller HQ, firstly we launched in Canada yesterday, an achievement that we’re really proud of. Also, on the same day, we won the InterTrade Ireland Seedcorn regional final, emerging as the best New-Start company in Dublin.

OnePlus One - The Flagship Killer?

OnePlus One - The Flagship Killer?

Billed as ‘The Flagship Killer’, the manufacturers behind the OnePlus One are certainly confident. This phone beats many of the big boys in the industry. Join us for a brief examination of what looks like a smartphone powerhouse in the making.

Prepay beta-Testing

KillBiller now compares Billpay and Prepay mobile phone plans

KillBiller has been used over 22,000 times by Irish mobile phone users, and feedback has been great. Now we are updating our app to make it even better. We're adding support for prepay plans. This has been a much requested feature and we're very excited, we think you should be too.

Prepay plans are used by over 50 % of the Irish population, and, on average, cost consumers a staggering €20 less per month!

The new update will allow you to compare Billpay and Prepay plans easily. Also, if you're curious about your top-up history KillBiller will now be able to provide you with a detailed estimate of your spending.

compare billpay and prepay plans easily
get a detailed estimate of your top-up history

So, if you're an Irish mobile user, are interested in saving a load of money, and would like to be part of our beta-testing phase, then click on the link to sign up, and we'll be in touch with how to download.

If you're not the testing type, hang on for about a week and we'll be live for everyone!