7 reasons why you should be attending Dublin Beta

We've put together some great reasons to attend these startup networking events that happen quarterly in Dublin.

We've put together some great reasons to attend these startup networking events that happen quarterly in Dublin.

Dublin Beta is a public startup event hosted in Dublin on a quarterly basis. At each meeting, 10-15 startups put out their wares on a desk and talk to the attendees about their product, business, and ideas. The format is simple:

  • If you’re a startup, apply to enter, get a table, and pitch to everyone.
  • If you’re someone interested in Dublin Startups, book a ticket, arrive down, enjoy a beer, and soak up the enthusiasm of new businesses

Dublin Beta attracts a large crowd of startups, entrepreneurs, investors, general public, and other interesting people. Originally launched on the 14th November 2011 and modelled on similar Silicon Valley startup mixers, the events are organised by Gene MurphyRussell Banks, and John O’Rourke. Over 3000 people have attended 12 events over the last 3 years.

Here’s 7 great reasons why you should be attending Dublin Beta events:


    Whether you’re in startup or not, Dublin Beta is a mixing pot of the best business and tech minds in the country, all gathered for the same reason, and very open to conversation. You’ll end up talking to people ranging from fledgling startup entrepreneurs to experienced and worldly venture capital types, contacts abound!


    These events are a fantastic opportunity to get honest, varied, and valuable feedback on your new startup idea. You can attend at a very early stage of development, and the chance to get feedback from 200+ people in one evening is not to be scoffed at.


    Are you thinking of taking the startup road? What better place to get inspiration and motivation than by rubbing shoulders with those that have taken the plunge. Its a friendly place, with loads of opportunity to learn.


    It’s at informal friendly events like Dublin Beta that, in our opinion, there’s wonderful opportunities to be found. Pitches are rough and ready, there’s no formal audience, and you honestly dont know who will wander over next. KillBiller talked to three separate parties that mentioned possible funding on the evening.


    For any new company, getting your name out there is important. Any chance to talk to a couple of hundred interested people is a blessing. Downloads for our Android app and signups to our iPhone waiting list were flying in.

  6. BANTER 

    Let’s not take it all too seriously either. At the end of the day, you’re in the pub with a few free beers and a gang of like-minded people. These events are good craic, and a great chance to make some new friends.


    Our pitch morphed from relatively unpracticed  to concise and to-the-point by the end of the night! Nothing like selling your idea 40-50 times each to fine tune your speech.



The most recent Dublin Beta took place on December 8th 2014 at Hangar Dublin and KillBiller were lucky to attend and pitch as one of the 16 startups at this Christmas themed extravaganza. Businesses from a range of industries were represented, including linking students to tutors (Unituition), crowdfunding pressies (Gift Me), household servicing (UpChore), and credit control software (Credibility). Other startups appearing were FanapoProperty CameraTalkTime, ScholarFolks, iVoter, and On The Spot.

At the December event, KillBiller actually emerged victorious at the end of the evening, arriving out with the top number of votes. We were delighted with the result, and would like to thank everyone that we chatted to for their time, and especially those that gave us a vote! Second and third places went to UniTuition and GiftMeApp respectively.

Keep an eye on the @dublinbeta twitter for announcements of the next event. We’ll see you there.