KillBiller iPhone Launch helps you compare every mobile plan

Each year, Irish people waste millions of euro overspending on mobile phone subscriptions. The National Consumer Agency* estimate that on average people save €288 per year when they change mobile phone plans, yet only 9% of Irish people switch provider each year. A primary reason why people don’t switch is confusion in selecting the right plan. The KillBiller application, which has been used over 16,000 times by Irish Android mobile phone users, eliminates this confusion by analysing subscribers usage and recommending the mobile phone plans that will save them the most money. KillBiller is now available on iPhone.

What is KillBiller?

KillBiller is a mobile application that saves people money on their mobile phone bill. KillBiller looks at every call, text, and MegaByte sent and works out the best mobile phone provider and plan for you. Released on Android in late 2014, from 29th April KillBiller will be available on iOS devices.

How much money do people save?

The average savings for users are over €20 per month, or between €200 and €300 per year.

How does KillBiller work?

KillBiller analyses users’ actual phone usage against all of the plans available from Irish operators. The app takes details of the calls, messages and data used by you on your phone and, based on this, calculates how much yo ould have spent on each plan. Having found the right plan, KillBiller offers users the convenience of switching networks within the app.

Do people switch networks?

Despite the fact that the average saving for people who switched mobile phone plans in Ireland is a huge €288, last year only 9% of Irish people changed mobile phone provider. Research indicates that one reason why the switching rate is low is that it is both difficult and confusing to determine the best plan to be on. Irish people are wasting millions of euro on unused minutes, allowances, and unlimited plans, when the average usage profile only uses 207 minutes, sends 129 texts, and uses 1.3 GB of data (for smartphones)**.

The KillBiller app has been available for download on Android since late 2014 and has seen its user base increase in recent months as a result of prominent media coverage both online (Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Tech News, and on radio (Matt Cooper on Today FM, Newstalk Breakfast, the Sunday Business Show). On the back of this success, the application is now all set for its much anticipated launch on Apple’s iOS.

How does KillBiller make money?

KillBiller’s main revenue model is based upon commission for people switching operators from within the application. Currently the application supports all bill pay plans, but prepay plans will be added very shortly!

For more information about the app please get in touch using the contact details below.


KillBiller is an early stage company that originated at the Dublin Launch48 startup weekend in 2013. The KillBiller team are a trio based in Dublin and our mobile phone plan comparison app is our first. We have a passion for consumer transparency  that is complemented with a love of technology and general geeky abilities.

iPhone app

Android app

*National Consumer Agency report on consumer switching behaviour in 2014.

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