The Killbiller Blog


Hello and welcome to the KillBiller blog.

KillBiller is a mobile application for the Irish market that allows users to compare mobile phone plan costs across all of the major operators. KillBiller is a completely automated solution, requiring just two or three clicks on your Android phone to get all of you phone cost details.

We’re currently on our second release of the application, having originally launched in June 2014. The application now includes bill pay tariffs for comparison from Vodafone, O2, Three, eMobile, Tesco Mobile, and Postphone. We’ve attracted almost 3000 users and have processed over two and a half million calls.

Our plans over the coming months are to add full prepay plan comparison features and to integrate mobile phone costs, both of which have been extensively requested by KillBiller’s users.

We’re starting a blog, and this is the first post. 

Find the best plan for you today!

— The KillBiller Team