Tesco Mobile Ireland releases the Samsung Galaxy S7

We've written before about the Samsung Galaxy S7 in our blog. Samsung's latest phone was is officially being released March 11th 2016, and was in full display at Mobile World Congress this year in Barcelona by no one else but Mark Zuckerburg from Facebook himself. The launch hit the headlines with a Samsung Gear VR (virtual reality) launch, which may have stolen more attention that the phone itself!


The new Samsung phone is not to be scoffed at. Scooping up a 4.5/5 stars on a CNET review, Samsung fans are keen to get their hands on the device, and the specs seem to point towards the fact that Samsung are onto a winner.

You can get more specs for the Samsung S7 phone at GSM Arena.

Tomorrow, 10th March, Tesco Mobile are offering the Samsung S7 for sale on two of their current tariffs, with details below. As always, we'd recommend examining your usage profile with the KillBiller app to make sure you choose the right plan - and have a look at the overall cost of ownership for any contracts that you sign (cost over 24 months of contract!).

For reference, the retail price of the Samsung Galaxy S7 sim-free is €639 online.

Samsung S7 Pricing

Samsung S7 Edge Pricing

The S7 Edge is the slightly bigger (5.5 inch vs 5.1 inch) brother of the Galaxy S7 and is coming out on the same day in Ireland. There's a tiny bit of extra weight and a bigger battery (3600 mAh). Overall, it performs well in reviews and is claimed to be a slightly nicer job!

We'll be back with a post on some of the best deals out there for the Samsung, keep an eye out.