eMobile is now eir Mobile

Eircom has a new name, "eir", and a new logo after going through a €16m rebranding. Along with the changes comes a new range landline, TV, mobile phone and broadband bundles.

The rebrand comes as part of a €16m investment that will mark the largest rebranding exercise in 20 years in Ireland—replacing 1,500 uniforms, 1,500 van branding, and over 110 stores nationwide. You'll see plenty from eir over the coming weeks and months—with 6,000 TV ads, 4,500 radio ads, 2,100 posters, and 80 million online appearances scheduled.

The "eir" brand represents a significant departure from the previous Eircom and eMobile branding. Have a look at the video below, the new brand is described as "dynamic and modern" by the CEO Richard Moat.



Along with their mobile offerings, eir promise Ireland's fastest broadband and a number of home-phone bundles. Simon Moynihan, from Bonkers.ie, has the details. Here at KillBiller, we're focusing on the mobile offerings for Irish consumers.

eir Mobile SIM Only Plans

eir Mobile offer four SIM only plans on a 30 day contract. All four options are bundled with 100 Mb fibre broadband and a landline with unlimited calls to Irish landlines and mobiles.

All plans also offer 4G data as standard, unlimited mobile to landline calls and free calls to eir Mobile and Meteor numbers. With the fourth plan you also get 50 international minutes and 50 international texts. Apart from cost, the plans are almost identical to Meteor's Lite, Regular, Super and Super Deluxe plans (we discussed those plans in a previous blog post).

eir Mobile Smartphone Plans

If you need a new handset, eir Mobile offer a further four plans that include a smartphone. In comparison to their SIM only plans, eir Mobile's smartphone plans provide the same call, text and data allowances but are more expensive and tie you into a 24 month contract.

eir Mobile stock a range of smartphones from high-end devices such as the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, to less powerful devices including the Huawei P8, Sony Xperia M4 and iPhone 5C. An up-front payment may be required depending on what device and plan you choose.

At first glance, eir Mobile's smartphone plans may appear to be cheaper than the equivalent SIM Only options. For example, the cheapest plan (100 minutes and 1 GB) is €25 per month with a smartphone and €35 without. However, this price is only for the first four months. After those first four months, the prices rise to €82 and €72 for the smartphone and SIM only plans respectively. On average, here's what you would pay per month over the course of 24 months on all eight plans:

Plan SIM Only With phone
100 Minutes + 1 GB €65.83 €72.50
400 Minutes + 2 GB €75.83 €82.50
Unlimited Minutes + 5 GB €80.83 €92.50
Unlimited Minutes + 15 GB €90.83 €107.50

You can expect to pay between €6.67 and €16.67 more per month for a smartphone plan (plus any up-front device cost).

At first glance, eir Mobile's smartphone plans may appear to be cheaper than the equivalent SIM Only options. However, the prices on the eir Mobile site are only for the first four months.

Should You Switch?

Since eir Mobile's plans are bundled with broadband and a fixed line phone, it is difficult to directly compare them to other mobile phone plans available on the market. The eir Base Mobile bundle offers broadband and a fixed line phone so is the same as the eir Mobile plans without any mobile phone costs. Over 24 months, eir Base Mobile costs €55.83 on average per month (€25 for the first four months and €62 thereafter). We can use this to calculate how much extra the mobile phone costs on eir's mobile plans over 24 months:

Plan Monthly cost
100 minutes + 1 GB €10
400 minutes + 2 GB €20
Unlimited minutes + 5 GB €25
Unlimited minutes + 15 GB €35

As mentioned previously, eir Mobile's call, text and data allowances are the same as Meteor's Lite, Regular, Super and Super Deluxe plans. However, eir Mobile's first three plans are about €5 cheaper* per month than Meteor's after subtracting the broadband and landline phone cost. The most expensive plan, equivalent to Meteor's Super Deluxe, is currently 20% off with Meteor so it is cheaper to buy it there for now. 

Overall, eir Mobile's plans are good value if you were planning to sign up to a broadband package anyway. You can also add television to your bundle for approximately €10 more per month.

* Update 06/10/2015

Since writing this post, Meteor have updated their prices and are now offering 20% discount on all four of their bill pay plans. The Lite, Regular, Super and Super Deluxe plans now cost €12, €20, €24 and €31.20 respectively. This makes eir Mobile's plans less attractive because all but the cheapest plan are less expensive with Meteor.