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It's been a seriously busy month for KillBiller media appearances. From radio, to print, to online, it seems the public can't get enough of us, and rightly so. Below we've got a list of some of the highlights.


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The Irish Independent

13th August


In this article you can learn a bit about the KillBiller story. As told by our wise CTO and co-founder, Bart Lehane. Article courtesy of Sarah McCabe

"We started out with an Android-only app, which only examined bill pay plans, and launched it last year. We used that as a gauge of demand for our service. It was a success; the app has been used 30,000 times since launch"
-Bart Lehane


Newstalk Breakfast

17th August

Our very own Bart Lehane appeared on Newstalk Breakfast to discuss the implications of the launch of new network 'iD'. Following the publication of our report on the iD launch, Bart discusses with Ivan Yates & Chris Donoghue how the launch of this new network is good news for consumers

"A new report says the introduction of the new operator will significantly shake up the Irish mobile market. 

KillBiller analysed a database of over 15,000 Irish mobile users and over 350 plans as part of the report"

-Jack Quann


Great Life Distillery

6th August

great life distillery

KillBiller CEO Shane features in Great Life Distillery's 'Shots of Inspiration' section. Shane discusses the excitement and daily challenges facing a start-up.

"Taking each day separately, and making a little bit of progress forward is what it’s about – only when you look back in 3/6/12 months do you see the distance you’ve come"
-Shane Lynn

The Irish Times

20th August

With the launch of iD mobile, KillBiller's report on the new network is discussed in this article from the Irish Times. Again, we're looking at the implications of the launch of iD for the competitiveness of other networks and the benefits for consumers.

"KillBiller’s Bart Lehane said the new network’s entry into the Irish market would 'significantly add' to competition, which would be a good move for consumers"
- Ciara O'Brien

28th July

inspired startups logo conducted an interview with Bart. In this piece, the KillBiller story is discussed, along with future plans and musings on the entrepreneurial journey.

"The biggest learning for me is that a startup is really just one big experiment. The sooner you realise that whatever business idea you have, it is just a hypothesis that needs evidence before you can say it is true, the better"
-Bart Lehane

Business ETC (The Journal)

20th August

KillBiller weighs in on the pricing structure of iD, assessing whether the network will be of benefit to consumers. Our findings indicate that it's better if you need 4G, if not, you might be best served elsewhere. Check out the article.

"On the surface, pretty competitively. Its closest rival, in terms of cost, would be Tesco Mobile which fares better in the texts and minutes plans but iD appears to edge it based on data.

This was backed up by mobile plan comparison app KillBiller who found it offered the best 4G plan but was edged by Tesco Mobile when 3G plans were also taken into consideration"
-Quinton O'Reilly

Today FM - The Last Word with Matt Cooper

17th August

Listen to Bart discuss the possibility of an upcoming price war with Today FM's Matt Cooper. As Bart says, this could be very good news for consumers, as increased competition pushes down prices.

18th August logo

In this piece, published just before the launch of iD, the implications of the network launch are examined.

"KillBiller carried out a comparison report and found that on the new ID network, the average monthly spend will be €20.81 per month"
-Cathy Donohue

17th August

utv ireland logo

UTV Ireland did a piece on the launch of iD, featuring the KillBiller analysis of the mobile market in Ireland.

"Ahead of the networks launch, a new independent report has revealed that the iD will be the cheapest operator for over 75% of 4G customers"
-Anita McSorley

Ireland's Technology Blog

August 17th

irelands technology blog

As a guest contributor to Ireland's Technology Blog, we gave a rundown of the impact of iD on the mobile industry.

"KillBiller’s report into the impact of iD on the Irish mobile market analysed the phone usage data of over 15,000 Irish mobile phone users.
Over 7.9 billion cost calculations were made as part of the report, with 350 plans – both prepay and billpay – analysed"

Thank you!

August has been the busiest month ever at KillBiller HQ. 

The app has been used almost 40,000 times across iOS and Android.

Our report on iD mobile featured heavily in pieces about the new network and led to appearances in leading print publications, blogs and radio programmes.

Big thanks to all the journalists and bloggers that featured and worked with us.

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