What's The Cheapest Way To Get a Samsung Galaxy S6?

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Since our previous blog post on the cheapest way to get an iPhone 6, we've received several requests for advice on the cheapest way to become the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6. As promised, here's everything you need to know.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the top mobile phones on the market today. Sporting a range of high-tech specs, the S6 is the most desirable Galaxy produced to date. With Samsung’s new eight-core Exynos 7420 1.5GHz CPU, this is a lightning fast unit. For the shutterbugs, an f/1.9 lens allows shots to be captured rapidly on the 16-megapixel rear camera. There really are too many fancy features to mention! Full tech specs available via gsmarena.com.

As desirable as the S6 is, it's features come at a premium price - the unit is anything but cheap. It's available to purchase from many network providers in Ireland at varying costs and on various billpay and prepay plans.

For the purpose of this blog post, we consider the Galaxy S6 32 GB, the cheapest option available. Also, we'll only look at plans that include data, simply because buying and using such a high-tech and high-priced device without making use of it's mobile data features would be a bit silly.

What's the cheapest option?

Plan Type Network Plan Name Phone Cost Cost Per Month 12 Month Cost 18 Month Cost 24 Month Cost Minutes Texts Data
Sim-Only iD S6 Prepay €608.21 €15.00 €788.21 €878.21 €968.21 100 100 1GB
Sim-Only Meteor Sim-only Lite €608.21 €15.00 €788.21 €878.21 €968.21 100 Unlimited 1GB
Prepay Meteor Simplicity €10 €689.99 €10 €809.99 €869.99 €929.99 0 0 7.5GB
Prepay Vodafone Data Extra €599.99 €20 839.99 959.99 1079.99 0 Unlimited 5GB
Billpay iD iD S6 12 Month €250 €51.42 €867.04 n/a n/a 100 100 1GB
Billpay Three Mini Flex 300 €579 €25.41 €884 n/a n/a 300 flexi units 300 flexi units 300 flexi units
Prepay Meteor Simplicity €20 €689.99 €20 €929.99 €1,049.99 €1,169.99 Unlimited 0 7.5GB

See our full breakdown of the cheapest plans:



Consumers should be careful when entering any mobile phone contract. Many people are caught out by the offer of "free" phones, when really the cost of the phone is just being spread out over 12, 18 or 24 month periods and charged to them as part of their monthly phone bill. 

The total cost of phones on these contracts often far exceed the cost of buying the phone outright. The total cost of a billpay contract for the Galaxy S6 can run from €867.04 on an iD 12 month-plan all the way to €1920 on Vodafone's Red Extra Super (4G) 24 month plan!

The cheapest billpay option is the aforementioned 12-month plan on iD, with 100 minutes, 100 texts and 1GB of data. The plan requires €51.42 monthly payments with a phone cost of €250.

The next best option is Three's Mini Flex 300, with a phone cost of €579 and monthly installments of €25.41. This plan offers 300 flexi minutes (1 flexi unit = 1 call minute or 2 text messages or 500KB of data).


In the prepay arena, Meteor offer an extremely cheap plan, with a phone cost of €689.99 and monthly cost of €10, which grants you 7.5GB of data, but unfortunately no calls or texts, over the course of 12 months this plan runs to €809.99.

The next cheapest option is the Vodafone data extra plan, this gives you 5GB of data at 4G speeds, along with unlimited Vodafone to Vodafone calls and texts and €10 of your credit to keep. The 12 month cost of this plan is €839.99.

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Rather than committing to a contract or ending up with a phone locked to a certain network, purchasing a phone SIM-free and opting for a SIM-only plan can often result in far better value overall. In fact, going SIM-only was found to be by far the cheapest way to get your mitts on an S6, with the cheapest SIM-only plan from iD beating the next cheapest Meteor Prepay plan by €21.78 over the course of 12 months, and arguably offering better allowances too (see table above).

Going SIM-only was found to be by far the cheapest way to get your mitts on an S6

We found the cheapest way to buy the S6 SIM-free was via pixmania.ie for €608.21 (including delivery). From here it's a case of choosing the provider that's right for you. The cheapest SIM-only plans comes from iD and Meteor with a monthly cost of €15. The plans get you 100 minutes, 100 texts and 1GB of data with iD, and 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data with Meteor.

Pay more now or later?

  • Remember, in finding the cheapest option, the overall cost (e.g. total over 12/18/24 months) may not be the most important factor. For those who can afford a big initial splurge to purchase the phone, prepay or SIM-only offer the best overall value option.
  • However, while you end up paying more overall, for those who can't afford the large upfront cost of a phone, a contract with a plan that spreads costs out over a longer period can be a better choice.


The overall cheapest option for getting an S6 along with a plan, is by opting to purchase the S6 SIM-free online, and then opting for either the Meteor Simo Lite, or the iD €15 plan, these plans leave you with a 12 month cost of €878.21.

However, these plans may not offer the right allowances for everyone, and as such you should consider your usage habits before making any decisions. As mentioned in our previous post about the cheapest way to get an iPhone 6, you can save a lot of money by knowing how much calls, texts and data allowances you really need and choosing the right plan accordingly.

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