New network iD from Carphone Warehouse launches in Ireland

After a long wait, iD, the new network from Carphone Warehouse has officially launched in Ireland. Earlier this week at KillBiller, we released a comprehensive report on the impact of their release on Irish mobile prices - iD are offering value for customers, especially in the 4G space where they'll offer the best value for 7/10 customers.

Calls Texts Data
100 minutes
100 sms
125 MB
250 minutes
250 sms
500 MB
500 minutes
500 sms
1000 MB
1000 minutes
1000 sms
3000 MB
5000 minutes
5000 sms
20 GB

iD are launching in Ireland with flexible plans to suit every type of user. If you're an iD customer, subscribers choose one of each of a call allowance, a text allowance, and a data allowance form a list of options. Your monthly price depends on your selections. The prices are shown to to the right.

The highlights of the release are:

  • Subscribers can change their allowances every month if they want, to suit periods of heavy and light use. This flexibility is in contrast to other operators who can insist on 1 year to 2 year contracts without change.
  • All plans are 4G enabled from launch day.
  • There are a total of 125 different plan options. While these options allow for great flexibility and choice, it also may cause confusion for customers who don't understand their mobile usage patterns.
  • Billpay and prepay plans are essentially the same price - the only difference is that users can elect to include a phone with their bundle on bill pay options.
  • According to our analysis of over 15,000 usage records, the average SIM-only plan on iD will cost customers €20.81 per month, which is €166 per annum below the average billpay cost per user on the Irish market (according to Comreg).

The combination of packages on iD that will suit the most people will be 250 minutes, 100 texts, and 3 GB of data, coming in a total cost of €18.50 per month. 

It's key to understand your usage if you decide to go with iD. KillBiller will be listing iDs plans from Thursday 20th August. As always, our results will be completely independent and based purely on your actual mobile usage.

You can order your sim card from the iD mobile website and through the KillBiller app.

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