New mobile plans from Meteor — Lite, Regular, Super, Deluxe

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Meteor mobile Ireland today released new billpay mobile phone plans for Irish users. The new plans are based around a simple tiered structure of mobile usage — Lite, Regular, Super, and Deluxe.

There are both contract plans with a phone included along with sim-free 30-day plans available. If you're looking for a phone, expect to pay an upfront fee for the phone along with a bit more every month. All of the plans with smartphones require a 24-month commitment to Meteor.

The announcement comes right on the back of the release of Carphone Warehouse's new network "iD" yesterday. Things are heating up competitively for mobile phone networks in Ireland this summer!

Meteor's new plans all come with unlimited texts and free Meteor to Meteor mobile calls.

Everything above the "Lite" tier includes free access to Meteor's 4g data network, which promises users speeds up to 10 times faster than a regular 3g connection. Meteor promises 99 % population coverage with their network, and have invested over €300 million in the last 4 years improving things.

We've detailed the pricing structure in the table below. The plans represent excellent value from Meteor, and are an improvement upon their previous "Smart" and "Simo" ranges.

Everything above the "Lite" tier includes free access to Meteor's 4g data network

From our analysis of Irish mobile phone users, the "Regular" tier will suit the majority of users quite comfortably — including 400 minutes of calls (where the average usage is closer to 200 minutes) and unlimited texts. A data allowance of 2 GB will cover the average user. But if you are a heavy data user, you may want to look for higher.

Make sure that you work out what plan suits you the best using the KillBiller application — we'll be including the new Meteor plans this weekend.

Meteor's competitors will be watching carefully, and we expect to see further changes in the market this Summer. While not matching the value of Tesco Mobile's current offerings, Meteor's plans have the additional benefit of a 4g network. Three Ireland have a similar prices, offer 4g,  and will compete against the new plans. The offers will definitely come in cheaper than Vodafone Irelands plans at the moment. For example, Vodafone's RED 30-day plan is similar to Meteor's "Super" 30-day plan — but Vodafone only offers a 1 GB data allowance that deters most smartphone users. 

Enough reading — find out exactly how much these new plans would cost you by re-running KillBiller on your phone and usage — we'll work out the rest. Get us from the Appstore for iPhone or the Play Store for Android now.

Tier Lite Regular Super Deluxe
Minutes 100 400 Unlimited* Unlimited*
Texts Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Data 1 GB 2 GB 10 GB** 15 GB
24-month with phone
€30 €36** €50 €65
Sim-free 30-day contract
€15 €25 €30 €31.20 ****

* "Unlimited" for Meteor means that you can make 45,000 minutes of calls and 10,000 texts in a month — that's 24 hours of phone calls, and 1,400 texts every — so, you're probably safe enough!

** The offers marked — 10 GB on Super, €36 euro for Regular, and €31.20 for Deluxe meteor plans are only available from the Meteor Website.