What's the cheapest way to get an iPhone 6?

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The iPhone 6 is arguably one of the most desirable smartphones available to purchase at the moment. With an array of top features and a sleek design, there are few units that can beat it.

However, with desirability and features comes cost, and the iPhone 6 definitely fits in the premium price category. The phone is available on many providers in Ireland, with varying prices for the phone itself and the monthly plan installments. Deciphering which plan actually offers the best value overall is difficult. So, we took care of the hard work for you by examining the cheapest possible options to acquire an iPhone 6.

For the purpose of this post we looked at the price of the iPhone 6 16GB, which is the cheapest model and offers more than enough storage for the majority of users. Additionally we only look at plans that include data; it’s possible to get an iPhone 6 with a text-only plan for a great price but purchasing such a high-tech device and not making use of its mobile data features makes very little sense!

Plan Type Network Plan Name Phone Cost Cost Per Month 12 Month Cost 18 Month Cost 24 Month Cost
Prepay Vodafone Data Extra €20 Monthly €669.99 €20 €909.99 €1029.99 €1149.99
Billpay eMobile Select 100+ Data €519 €24.40 €811.80 €958.20 n/a
SIM Only Tescomobile Prepay €15 €699 €15 €879 €969 €1059
SIM Only Meteor SIM-Only Lite €699 €15 €879 €969 €1059

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Consumers should be very careful when choosing a billpay contract for the iPhone 6. The total cost of a billpay contract can run from €958.20 for the cheapest 18-month plan - eMobile Select 100+ Data - all the way to €1969.99 for the most expensive 24-month plan - Vodafone Red Extra Super.

With billpay, an initial higher cost for the device generally results in better value in the long term.

For example, the iPhone 6 will cost you €399 on a Meteor Lite contract with €30 monthly installments, the total cost for the life of this 24-month contract is €1,119. On the other hand, with a Vodafone 24-month Red Extra plan, with monthly installments of €60, the total cost over the life of the contract is €1,639.99! The phone is cheaper to buy on the Vodafone RED Extra plan at €199.99 but you must consider whether or not the overall extra cost is justified.

The RED Extra plan offers 6GB of data per month, unlimited calls along with 100 international minutes and texts. However, before paying for this, consumers should consider whether they need all of these allowances.

Length of plan


Where possible, an 18-month plan is generally cheaper than a 24-month plan, these are currently only offered by eMobile and Three on the iPhone 6. Also, after the 18-month contract has ended, the iPhone can be unlocked and moved to a cheaper plan not tied down by contract.

The cheapest 18-month contract on billpay is offered by eMobile, with their Select 100+Data plan. The phone cost for this plan is €519, an expensive investment, but with monthly installments of €24.40, the total cost over the 18-month contract is €958.20. This plan includes 100 minutes, 100 texts and 1GB of mobile data.

The cheapest 24-month contract is offered by Meteor with their Smartphone Lite plan. The phone costs €399 with this plan, with a monthly installment of e30. The total cost over the 24-month contract amounts to €1,119.00

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With Prepay the cheapest iPhone 6 is available on Vodafone at a price of €669.99. From here, the cheapest plan that includes data is the €20 per month Data Extra plan, this offers a generous data allowance of 5GB. Three offer the iPhone for €679.99 on pay as you go, with an All You Can Eat monthly top up of €20 the best option for getting the most out of the phone. 

If the costs of the monthly top-ups are calculated over a 12-month period along with the initial device cost, Vodafone comes up with the cheapest plan that includes data, with a total cost of €909.99 for 12 months, Three come a close second with their €20 All You Can Eat costing a total of €939 over the same period.


The iPhone 6 16GB is available SIM-free and unlocked from the Apple Store for €699. This is a great option if you want to stay flexible with your mobile provider, and is particularly handy if you intend on traveling abroad as it will allow you to easily swap in SIM cards from any international provider. 

With Meteor offering a €15 plan SIM-only plan that includes 100 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 1GB, this plan is a great option for those who opt to purchase the phone outright, an unlocked iPhone 6 with a €15 pay as you go plan would cost you a total of €879 for 12 months or €1,059 for 24 months. 

SIM-only plans with unlimited data such as the Three All You Can Eat for €20 would result in a total cost of €939 for 12 months or €1,179 for 24 months. Plans with bigger or unlimited data allowances might be preferred so that iPhone users can make the most of the devices features. 

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Overall, the cheapest option for getting your hands on an iPhone 6 with a reasonable data allowance is by opting for the eMobile Select 100+ Data contract, the upfront cost is €519 but the total cost over 18 months is €958.20.

The usage allowances in this plan should suit most moderate users. However this plan only comes out marginally cheaper than if you were to purchase the device SIM-free and opt for a €15 per month pay as you go plan with Meteor or Tescomobile, which would amount to €969 each for the same 18 month period of top-ups. Staying flexible with your provider and going SIM-free leaves you open to switching to new cheaper plans as they come to market, something to keep in mind as networks compete for new customers.

The best option for you depends on your willingness to spend more in the short term or the long term. In general, aside from the eMobile data 100+ plan, opting to buy the phone outright, whether via the Apple Store or from a third party retailer should save you the most money overall.

By opting for a plan with less usage allowances and being savvy in your usage you can save significant amounts of money. Additionally, you should consider your usage habits, those that need large allowances may be best opting for a pricier unlimited contract, however for the majority of people these are simply overkill.

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