KillBiller on Newstalk Breakfast

KillBiller with Ivan Yates on Newstalk Breakfast

On Thursday July 23rd one of KillBiller's finest and co-founder, Bart Lehane, joined Ivan Yates for a chat on Newstalk Breakfast.

Bart explained that thousands of Irish people are on the wrong plan for their mobile phone usage.

With more mobile phones than people in Ireland, and an increasing dependence on mobile services, the number of people overspending is enormous. 

The KillBiller app directly allows people tackle the cost of their phone bills.

"The general advice is to look and perform some sort of an audit on your usage", Bart told Newstalk Breakfast.

Bart notes that users should look at which networks they call the most often, examine data usage and see how many text messages they send.

"Finding the right bundles for you is the hardest thing".

Using the KillBiller app this task is far simpler and requires no work on your part.

Bart talks about the mobile industry and recent developments following the acquisition of O2 by Three:

"There is less competition, It's not atypical for a small number of big operators to exist in the market".

Bart continues to explain that there are less virtual operators in Ireland - networks that piggyback on another - such as Tesco Mobile or Post Mobile.

"They tend to focus on niche markets, and yes on average they would be a little bit cheaper than some of the bigger networks".


KillBiller now covers both billpay and prepay plans and is available to download on Android and iPhone