Keeping Customers - What perks has your network got?

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Today’s Irish mobile phone market is fiercely competitive.

In a constant battle for market share, network providers must come up with new ways to entice and hold on to customers. It’s no longer enough to provide cheap calls, cheap texts and rock bottom priced data. Networks typically bring added benefits to the table to get customers talking. 

At KillBiller, our mobile app compares networks and plans by price. But we know there's other factors that contribute to your network choice. Today we examine some of the bonus offerings that major Irish networks provide.

Vodafone - Cherry Points, Sky Sports, Spotify, and HD Voice

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Vodafone, Ireland's biggest mobile provider, has three main highlights to keep you from moving away. With 38.5 % of the Irish mobile market, Vodafone are determined to keep their customers.

Cherry Points

vodafone cherry points

With Vodafone Cherry Points customers get free stuff, just for topping up! Sign up by texting "Cherry" to 50222, collect points with every top up and then choose from lots of free rewards from tickets, to free text/data bundles, to accessories, and even smartphones.

Vodafone Red

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Vodafone offers 24 months free Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium and loads of extra data to customers that select a RED Extra bill pay plan. Customers can add Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium to their existing bill plan from €5.99 a month. Prepay users can get either Sky Sports Mobile TV as a recurring add on from €5.99 a month or Spotify Premium and 500 MB data from €5 a month from their top up credit. Customers simply text "EXTRA" to 50221 to sign up. As Spotify Premium is usually priced at €9.99 per month and Sky Sports Mobile TV is usually priced from €5.99 per month, there  is money to be saved by the music lovers.

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HD Voice

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HD Voice from Vodafone provides crystal clear, high definition calls without the background noise. No more shouting down the phone on a crowded bus! HD Voice is available on all Vodafone to Vodafone calls with a HD enabled phone over the 3G network. It's free and happens automatically. Vodafone is the only network operator in Ireland offering HD Voice. Clear calls are key and HD Voice allows for the clarity that customers need when making calls on the go.

Three Mobile - 3Plus Rewards

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Three Mobile have recently expanded their reach in the Irish market to 31.9% with their acquisition of O2 Ireland. Keeping the recently transitioned O2 customers happy is of the utmost importance to Ireland's second biggest operator.

3Plus Rewards Programme

3plus rewards programme

3Plus is Three’s new rewards programme, launched in June 2015. The programme gives Three's customers exclusive access to Ireland’s best music, football & rugby events, competitions, discounts & offers. Three customers can sign up by simply downloading the free 3Plus app and following registration instructions. From there they will be given the chance to avail of many discounts, special offers, exclusive presale tickets and enter free competitions. Who doesn't love the chance to win competitions!

Music at 3 Arena

3 arena dublin

This year over 100 world-class artists will play at Dublin's 3Arena. With artists/acts from Florence and the Machine to Dynamo performing in the near future, the venue always has something exciting lined up.

3Plus users can avail of exclusive access to Presale tickets to events in the 3Arena as well as to several other events and festivals including Longitude and Electric Picnic. Check out the gig guide provided by Three. for more details. As an extra bonus, Three allow customers early admission to certain 3Arena gigs, allowing their customers to get the best spot.

Three customers can text "Music" to 51020 to hear about upcoming events. Three will text these customers in advance of events with instructions on how to get Presale tickets. 


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3Plus users can get closer to Irish Rugby & Football with exclusive content and behind the scenes access. Three gives users the chance to win signed jerseys, match tickets and "money-can't-buy" sporting experiences.

Simple "click to enter" competitions with amazing prizes such as a pair of tickets to see Ireland take on Scotland at the Aviva in the autumn series on August  15th, including get seats in the West Stand, access to the 3Lounge and the chance to meet a few surprise guests.


3 customers can use the 3Plus app to avail of many many offers. To name just a few: Two cinema tickets for €10, discounted meal at McDonald's, discounted online shopping with sites including, iClothing and McCabe's Pharmacy online. What's not to love about discounts!


A Galaxy Samsung S6 Edge, a €50 iClothing Voucher or tickets to music and sporting events are just some of the prizes to be won in the easy-to-enter, free competitions run by 3Plus.


Tesco Mobile - Tesco Clubcard Points 

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Tesco mobile are a relatively small, but quickly growing network in Ireland, with over 6.1 % market share. With really competitive offers, and a brand that people are familiar with, Tesco use the Tesco Clubcard system to tempt in, or bring back, their mobile customers.

Tesco Clubcard Points

tesco clubcard
Double points for Tesco Mobile users on their Tesco Clubcard

Tesco Mobile Users can Register a Tesco Clubcard to their Tesco Mobile account, and get double Clubcard points for topping up in store or paying a bill by direct debit, by visiting My Tesco Mobile or by texting the word 'CLUBCARD' followed by a space and then your Clubcard number to 1744.

These points all add up and can lead to lots of Tesco Vouchers. Now with Tesco Mobile Deals, every €5 in Tesco Vouchers can get you €15 in Tesco Mobile phone credit or €15 off your Tesco Mobile phone bill.  So whether used to save on grocery shopping or on phone bills, Tesco Clubcard points can come in handy.

48 -Free Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging

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48 is the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that caters specifically to young adults aged 18-22. 48 made a name for themselves by offering rock-bottom priced, unlimited plans from just €10 a month to the youth market, and have recently introduced free unlimited WhatsApp messaging to their plans.

Free Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging

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Irish mobile network operator 48 have teamed up with WhatsApp to offer a 6 month deal whereby all 48 customers can avail of unlimited WhatsApp messaging for free. If you are a 48 customer, you can send and receive as many WhatsApp messages as you want and none of your data allocation will be used up. 

Unlimited WhatsApp is a great bonus to a monthly plan, especially for the always-on youth market. It allows them to stay connected via WhatsApp without eating into data, or their credit. We've previously written about this offer on this blog - check it out here.

Our advice 

Having looked at some of the bonuses provided by major Irish networks, it's clear that there's more than cheap communication on the agenda. Most networks have something more to offer. Whichever network you choose, make sure you make the most of your network. Take advantage and get what you deserve by checking out the perks your network provider has to offer.