An Post Launch Postmobile

Back in 2010, Irish postal service An Post launched Postfone, its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on the Vodafone network.  

Although An Post were able to create a profit with Postfone, their ambitions for the service were not quite achieved.

"We struggled with it, to be honest with you... When we originally designed the business it was fit-for-purpose, but it took us far longer to get to market than we anticipated" 

-Liam Sheehan, An Post's Sales and Marketing Director of Postfone's Launch.

Five years later, An Post are rebranding their pre-pay mobile phone offering as Postmobile

Postmobile is branded more closely to the well-established An Post brand and offers simple pre-pay mobile phone plans with simple price points. The new simple and affordable choice of bundles are hoped to bring a more up-to-date, competitive offering to the market. With selected post offices across the country modified to more closely resemble a typical phone shop, loaded with a range of handsets on sale and staff trained to make sales and port phone numbers efficiently, An Post hope to make use of the huge volume of people that use their stores nationwide. 

Because Postmobile operate on the Vodafone network, they have 99% coverage throughout the Republic of Ireland and roaming service in many countries internationally.

Postmobile customers can top up their prepay phones by €20 a month to avail of one of the following three options. 

Talk & Text

With Postmobile's 'Talk & Text' plan, a €20 top up per month gets customers unlimited* phone call minutes and texts** to any network, €5 general credit and free Postmobile to Postmobile calls and texts. This plan is ideal for those that use their mobile phones for calls and texts more than online messaging and browsing. 

(*Fair usage policy of 3000 minutes and 3000 texts for 30 day period.)

(**1 text message = 160 characters.)

Data Value

With Postmobile's 'Data Value' plan, a €20 top up per month gets customers 5 GB Data, €10 general credit and free Postmobile to Postmobile calls and texts. This plan will suit those who are more into using Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Netflix than phone calls or SMS. 

1 GB of  data allows for roughly 3-5 hours of Video calls (Skype/Facetime), uploading of 500 photos to Facebook, sending/receiving roughly 10,000 basic emails or 40 hours of browsing web pages. So 5 GB should keep browsers and sharers going for the month.

All In

With Postmobile's 'All In' plan, a €20 top up per month will grant customers 3 GB data, 250 minutes, 250 texts, €5 general credit and free Postmobile to Postmobile calls and texts. That works out at an average of about 8 texts and 8 minutes of calls per day plus the monthly 3 GB data allowance. This plan suits those that love to talk, text and stay connected online.

Choosing a Postmobile Plan

€20 Top-up per month
Talk & Text Data Value All In
Unlimited call minutes 250 call minutes
Unlimited texts 250 texts
5GB Data 3GB Data
€5 General credit €10 General credit €5 General credit
Free Postmobile to Postmobile calls & texts Free Postmobile to Postmobile calls & texts Free Postmobile to Postmobile calls & texts


Here at KillBiller, we're all about making sure that everyone gets the plan best suited to their personal needs and we appreciate variety. With that being said, although each Postmobile plan outlined above will appeal to different users, the 'All In' plan will suit the vast majority of people based on our analysis of mobile usage.

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