Simple Tips For Saving Money Every Week

Saving money can be challenging. At KillBiller, we believe that the small changes to your spending habits can have a big effect on the weight of your piggy bank. That's why we made our mobile plan comparison application. But we don't just think you should save money on your mobile phone bill, we want you to save money on everything!! On that note, here are some simple, yet effective tips to help you save: 

Audit Yourself

1. Spend some time doing a quick audit of your regular costs. Set aside half a day and figure out the best price on your electricity, TV, internet, phone, gas, and of course mobile phone costs. There are great tools and sites out there, such as and, that allow quick comparisons of many of your regular bills. Nobody likes doing this stuff, so set aside a morning, get it all done in one go and then go out and spend your savings on something fun!

Save at the Supermarket

2.    Make a list –and stick to it! We all know how tempting it can be to impulse buy. Having a set list of items to purchase written before going grocery shopping can help to prevent us from finding ourselves at the checkout counter with an impromptu tray of Coca-Cola, 3 packets of Doritos, a bag of Haribo jellies, 2 magazines, ridiculous amounts of chocolate and a partridge in a pear tree!

3.    Do not shop when hungry! Much like having a shopping list, having a full stomach can help us to avoid unnecessary and unplanned purchases. On an empty stomach, it can be all too easy to buy and savage the first bit of grub we see upon entering a shop.

4.    Shop around! Find where you can get the best value for your money. Invest a little extra time shopping and you could save yourself some coins -they all add up! If this means going to one shop for most of your groceries and perhaps a specialist shop for others, like meat or veg., it could be worth your while.

Save when Buying Clothes

5.    As nice as it feels being the ‘Slick-Rick’, dressed head-to-toe in fresh new clothes, remember to make wise purchases. Try to buy multi-purpose clothes that you will get good wear out of, rather than buying over-priced garments that you’ll wear once, leave in the wardrobe for four months, try on again and then throw back in the wardrobe till next year.


Save on Transport

6.    If you are a user of public transport, get yourself a Leapcard. Whether you are commuting by train, bus, Luas or coach, these bad boys can save you a fortune!

Save with Club cards/Loyalty cards

7.    Too often do people say “No thanks, I’d never use it” when asked in the supermarket “Would you like to sign up for a club card?” Most large supermarkets will offer some sort of loyalty reward system. There are discounts and sometimes even freebies out there that everyone should be availing of. Grab loyalty cards, bonus tags, club carts –you won’t regret it when your points add up and get you vouchers and coupons! Check out the app store for mobile loyalty card and coupon apps.

Budget for outings

8.    Budget for nights out. Be realistic about how much you’ll be spending on Saturday night. Try set a limit to how much you’ll spend. Account for how much you’ll need for travel, food, drinks etc. Barriers to sticking to your budget can include buying several rounds of drinks for new best friends from the office and going out armed with a bank card on payday. 

9.    Be aware of admission prices into some venues -often there are ways to gain free admission. Find out if arriving before a certain time will grant you free entry to a nightclub. Search social media for guest list opportunities. Saving money on entry fees can make a big difference to your nightlife expenditure, especially if you are in a group.

10.  Seek alternative methods of getting home. After a night on the town, we all want to jump into a taxi home. Depending on your journey, your wallet may thank you the next day for using public transport or having a friend drive you home. However, always travel safely! Your safety is more valuable than the few euro saved by bussing it in a bad neighbourhood.

Save money on your phone bills

11. (Bonus Tip!) -Download the KillBiller app, obviously!


We hope that, these simple tips will help you to get the most value for your money, you’ve earned it!