Best Mobile Christmas Deals

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Love it or hate it, Christmas is rapidly approaching. As usual, mobile networks are getting in on our holiday fever by offering special Christmas phone deals and offers for the holidays. 

In this post we take a look at some of the stocking-fillers on offer and where the best Yuletide deals can be found. Ho, ho, ho (sorry).


Meteor have some of the most extensive Chrimbo deals around. With their new "Christmas Unlimited" campaign the network is offering double the data allowance on all billpay plans for 6 months. Additionally, Regular and Super Smartphone plans are 20% off for 6 months too. 

All SIM Only plans bought in the run-up to Christmas come with not only double data, but also 20% off the cost of the plan per month too. Meteor is also doing a "12 Deals of Christmas", with special offers available for a limited time only. Not bad Meteor, not bad.

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Vodafone have a range of smartphones on offer, starting from €69.99 on Pay As You Go and from free with a contract on billpay. 

Vodafone Gift Sets are also worth a look, with bundles of phones, headphones/speakers, memory cards and Spotify/Sky Sports subscriptions available.

While not necessarily a special offer, Vodafone have a section on their website where they offer a selection of stocking fillers like VR headsets, headphones etc. that are worth a look in.

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile are offering reductions on a range of phones, with smartphones starting from €49.99.

There are some good reductions that caught our eye on the site. In particular we like the nifty Alcatel phone and tablet bundle for €99.99.


Eir have just released a brand new Christmas ad, featuring a new spin on their infamous theme tune that most people will be familiar with now. On the deals front, Eir are offering double data on all mobile bundles.

This double data offering is only on available on bundles that include broadband and landline. Meaning these deals could be great for those looking for these extra services, but not so much for those who already have these services with another provider.


Three have a range of smartphones from €69.99. In particular, we like the Motorola Moto G priced at €179.99.

If you're looking to gift someone a budget smartphone some of the offers on Three's site might be perfect with six quality phones on offer in the under €100 category.


iD are offering "Prepay Pressies", allowing you to gift a prepay phone to someone. The recipient can then pick the plan of their choice and get €20 free credit on top.

It's a nice offer, and would be great for gifting a youngster their first phone with many lower cost prepay phones available. The full range of phones can be viewed on the iD website.


Postmobile have some seriously cheap phones on offer, such as the Alcatel OneTouch Idol Mini half price at only €29 and the Alcatel Pixi 3 for only €29.95 (a saving of €10).

The phones on sale for Christmas at Postmobile could be great for those on a budget and/or those looking to buy a child their first phone.

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