Virgin Media network launches in Ireland

 richard branson and Magnus Ternsjö at launch of virgin media

The landscape for mobile networks continues to change in Ireland. Virgin Media (formerly UPC) has officially launched today. Celebrity entrepreneur Richard Branson had formally announced the rebrand of UPC on the 1st of October.  With trademark panache, Branson arrived to the announcement in Dublin on a Virgin Media branded truck .

Virgin Media will operate on the Three network, the same as is used by recently launched iD Mobile, from Carphone Warehouse. 


*€5 cheaper for current UPC subscribers

The pricing structure is different depending on if you’re already a UPC (Virgin Media) customer or not. Existing customers will pay €5 less for each of the plans.

For those who are currently UPC customers, Virgin Media will offer a mobile plan with unlimited data, calls and texts for €25 per month. This plan will be free for the first three months for existing customers. For those who are not currently UPC customers, this unlimited plan is €30 per month.

The cheaper 1GB plan comes with 250 minutes and texts. This low data allowance will mean that this plan is not suitable for users who use data in any meaningful way. 

Interestingly, Virgin will not offer any Prepay options, but rather only offer Billpay plans on short, 30 day, contracts.

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Bundle comparison to competition

Virgin Media offer 'quad-play' bundles — meaning that you can get a bundle with a mobile phone package, TV, home internet and home phone as part of a single bill. The recently re-branded Eir also offer quad-play bundles. 

The main differences between Eir and Virgin Media:

  • Virgin Media offer a faster broadband, with 240Mb versus Eir's 100Mb
  • Eir support 4G Mobile data (Virgin are currently 3G only)
  • Virgin Media offers unlimited minutes to landlines and mobiles in 22 International countries (incl. Australia, USA, UK etc.). This does not come as standard with Eir.

To do a side-by-side comparison, we looked at the two cheapest, and two most expensive, quad-play bundles promoted by Eir and Virgin Media on their websites. Each offer slightly different allowances and benefits, as is outlined in the table below.

In general, Eir are slightly cheaper overall, although the higher-end bundle mobile allowances are slightly low for the average user. You do however get two SIM's and one free phone with Eir Power Large.

Is it worth switching?

This depends on whether you're currently a Virgin Mobile customer or not and whether you want TV, broadband and landline as well as mobile. Overall the new plans don't offer particularly great value for mobile subscribers alone. For example, the standalone Virgin Mobile Unlimited calls, texts and data plan is €30 for non-Virgin customers. A similar plan on Tesco mobile is €25 for a 12 month contract, and on iD it would cost you €29 and would include 4G coverage. 

If you're looking for a quad-play bundle (mobile, broadband, landline & TV) then Eir might have the edge with their cheapest 'eir Power Small' offering slightly better value overall, along with the advantage of 4G, which Virgin Media currently does not support.

However, the difference between the two quad play bundles is marginal, and with Virgin Media offering faster home broadband speeds, as well as home phone calls to landlines and mobiles in 22 international countries, it may be a better option for those who need really high speed home broadband or who have contacts abroad.

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