OnePlus X Announced Today

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The OnePlus X has been officially announced today. The hype over the past month has been steadily building, and rightly so, previous OnePlus models have been met with critical acclaim by phone buffs.

How good is the OnePlus One phone, which recently hit the market? Good enough that after trying a review unit, I bought one. It is simply the best combination of hardware and software, at a more-than-fair price, that I’ve found to date.
- Dan Gillmor

We'll admit it, we’re fans of OnePlus here at KillBiller, with the original model having been featured on our blog back in July

Who are OnePlus?

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OnePlus are a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, founded in 2013 and based in Shenzhen, the manufacturing and industrial heart of China. Shenzhen is home to many other high-tech companies including rival device manufacturer Huawei. 

The original OnePlus was released in April 2014, with purchase initially limited to those who had received an invite and the device going on general sale in June 2014. The phone received great reviews upon its release and sold over 1.5 million units by the end of 2014, smashing an initial sales forecast of 50,000 units.

The OnePlus Two was first released in July 2015, again limited by an invite-only purchase system. It was first made available in certain regions, with China, India and the US getting first access. Within 64 seconds of launch in China, a whopping 30,000 units had been sold.

At the moment, purchase of the Two is still limited to those with invites, occasional windows of open sale are offered by the company for certain regions. However, a full open sale of the device is expected soon. It seems the company has a good understanding of the mechanics of supply and demand! All aboard the hype train.


The device comes SIM-free and unlocked for €269


The OnePlus X boasts a pretty impressive set of features for the price at which it’s offered. Albeit not at quite the same level of previous releases.

•    Qualcomm 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor

•    3 GB of RAM

•    5-inch AMOLED Full HD Display with Gorilla Glass

•    13 MP rear camera, 7.6 MP selfie machine

•    16 GB storage (expandable up to 128 GB with MicroSD card)

Should I buy it?

oneplus x

This model is a bit of a sidestep for OnePlus. While previous devices stood out for their ability to bring flagship performance and features at a crazy low price, the X has a somewhat less impressive spec sheet. Its specs are still better than anything for the same price, but it seems that the company is focusing on design and quality for this model rather than engaging in a specs arms-race.

It’s definitely not a mid-range model since the only real letdown in the specs department is the processor, but for the average user the Snapdragon 801 has more than enough power. We like that it’s a bit smaller than previous models too with a more manageable 5-inch screen. The OnePlus One and Two both packed 5.5-inch screens, making them unsuitable for those of us with micro-digits. 

How does it compare to similar priced phones?

OnePlus are still offering pretty incredible bang for your buck. For a similar price you could get the Samsung Galaxy A3, Huawei Ascend G7 or the HTC Desire 626. These models pack inferior specs on the processor, camera and memory fronts, so we imagine the X will be able to noticeably outperform devices at a similar price range.

With the modest price and sleek (obviously iPhone inspired design) we'd opt for the X over pretty much anything in its price category. This being said, getting your hands on one might be tricky, which brings us to our point below.

Where can I get one?

At the moment, you can only get one through OnePlus’ frankly annoying invite programme. However, as with previous launches, once the company generates enough hype they will open sales up to the masses. The company have announced that the invite system will only run for one month, with open sales being held for a limited time each week from then on.

Registration for invites will begin on November 5th in the EU, with the company continuing their approach of staggering the release across different regions. OnePlus have come under fire for failing to meet distribution promises and timelines in the past, so hopefully they get this launch right.

Honestly, we're quite tempted by the smaller footprint of this new model, time will tell if we can get our hands on one!

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