KillBiller is No Longer available.

KillBiller was a free service that compares every mobile tariff available in the UK and Ireland across every major network.

KillBiller is no longer supported and the mobile application and  website are no longer supported. An alternative service is now available at

Thank you to all of our supporters, users, and word-spreaders. The KillBiller journey was a blast.

The KillBiller team live on as EdgeTier.



KillBiller does all the hard work for you. Choose your device, set your allowances, and let us do the rest.

Select your mobile phone

Choose any device

Whether you want a SIM-only tariff, the latest iPhone, Samsung, HTC, or anything else, KillBiller lets you choose any device available on the UK market. KillBiller works out what the cheapest tariff is for by calculating the total cost of the tariff over the full course of the contract.



Results based on your usage

Tell us how many gigabytes of mobile data, minutes, and texts you use each month and we will work out the most suitable options available.

Define your minutes, texts, and data requirements

Filter your results by contract, upfront cost and others

Filter results

KillBiller lets you filter results by network, contract length, upfront cost etc., so that you can find your perfect plan.


KillBiller Blog Highlights

Keep up to date with mobile phone and plan advice and news with the KillBiller Blog. Here's some of our latest bits!

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